Tips For Renting An Overhead Crane

If you are a manager of a warehouse or other industrial space, you might eventually have a need for an overhead crane. If you only need it periodically and not every day, renting it is often a better option. Here are some tips for renting an overhead crane as needed.

Decide What Type of Crane You Need

The first step in renting an overhead crane is to determine exactly what type you need. Overhead cranes, also called bridge cranes, come in a couple different types. These are based on the way they operate. For example, there is a top-running overhead crane where there is a runway beam that the truck rides on. There is also an under-running crane where the truck is actually riding beneath the beam. You also need to choose between a single or double girder. The main difference is what their maximum capacity is. A double girder can handle more weight than a single girder can, though the single girder crane is less expensive.

Ask About Their Maintenance Schedule

The last thing you want to do is put your employees in jeopardy because of an overhead crane that is faulty. It is important that you find an equipment rental company that sticks to a strict maintenance and repair schedule. Ask how often they inspect their equipment, what routine maintenance it receives, and how they handle repairs. Also ask what the policy is if the equipment has issues when you are using it, including whether or not repairs or covered or if you will be charged a fee. Ask if they would have a backup if this does happen.

Verify the Delivery Method

Since overhead cranes are very large, you probably don't have an oversized truck to transport it. When you are renting this type of equipment, verify that they will deliver it and pick it up for you. This not only saves you from trying to figure out how to transport it to your business property, but it streamlines the entire process. A good equipment company won't charge extra delivery fees, as they will automatically be included.

Before you agree to the rental, make sure you read over the contract carefully. Look for signs of other fees that might be charged in addition to the rental quote price. You don't want to have the equipment picked up only to find out you were charged much more than what the original quote indicated. Get in touch with equipment companies, like the one represented at, to learn more.

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