What Goes Into Installing A Heat Pump?

You may have heard that installing a heat pump can save you money and also help you economize your energy usage for heating and cooling air. If you are considering installing a heat pump in your space, here are some things to know about what goes into that process.

Installing the Condenser

The condenser is the first part of the heat pump that goes in. This unit must actually be placed outside of the building, so you will need to have an area that's at least a few feet square to place this unit. The condenser is what collects heat to be moved around your home.

Install the Air Handler Mount

The air handler mount is like a spigot that actually releases air into the desired space. The installation would require your contractor to drill a space in the wall where this tube can be sent through. The air handler should be mounted within several feet of the condenser, so it will be up to you and your contractor to find an area of the home that would benefit most from the addition of the heat pump, but for which you also have the necessary space on the outside of the home to place a condenser.

Attaching the Air Handler

The air handler mount is the line that goes from inside the wall to inside the home. The air handler itself can be mounted so that it sits on this receiver.

Connecting the Heat Pump Condenser

Next, there is tubing that goes between the air handler and the condenser. It's much like cabling that you may see for your TV that goes to your satellite; it must run along the entire length of the floor.

Covering the Lines

You and your contractor can come up with clever ways to mask the appearance of the connecting lines between your heat pump condenser and the air handler. This could include installing a new baseboard layer that the cables sit behind. Or you might simply secure them to the existing baseboard and paint them the same color so that they don't stick out.

This is just one example of heat pump installation. There are many styles of heat pumps, so installing a geothermal heat pump (for example) would look a little bit different. Speak with your heating installation and repair contractor about the estimates for cost and the various ways to make the job go efficiently.

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