Should You Rent A Dumpster Or Hire A Junk Removal Service?

One of the most daunting parts of home renovation is getting rid of the debris after demolition. You can choose to let the junk build up in your backyard until you are ready to dispose of it, but chances are, your neighbors will be less than thrilled with this idea. Before starting demo, you need to think about whether you want to rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal service. If you are unsure of which is right for you, here is what you need to know.  

Why Rent a Dumpster?

There are several benefits to renting a dumpster, but one of the main ones is that you can take your time and fill it up. Instead of being pressed to have all of your debris ready to dump by a certain date, you can rent the dumpster for a period of time and fill it up as you go. When you have filled it, the dumpster service can pick it up and all of your debris will be gone.  

Dumpsters also are available in a range of sizes. Since the dumpsters are matched to your project based on the amount of debris you will have, you do not have to worry about overpaying to get rid of the debris.  

It is important to note that if you get a dumpster and plan to place it on the street, there is a possibility that you will have to obtain a permit from the city. Contact your city a week or two before obtaining a dumpster to ensure that you are ready for it.  

Why Use a Junk Removal Service?

Junk removal has its own benefits too. For instance, someone else gets the pleasure of loading the junk into the dumpster or truck instead of you. Even items that would typically be challenging to move would not be an issue because the crew would be responsible for the move.  

Junk removal services also mean that the debris will be removed in a timely manner. The service will ensure that there are sufficient enough manpower to get it done quickly.  

There is a drawback to a junk removal service though. If your debris is not ready to go by the time the crew shows up, you might have to call them back to remove additional debris. As a result, you could end up paying more for the junk removal than the dumpster service.  

Consult with a dumpster rental service to learn additional benefits to choosing the service and to find out whether or not it will suit your needs. 

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