Five Applications For Air Compressors In An Industrial Setting

Air compressors have so many amazing uses. From the artist with the airbrush to the industrial manufacturer, air compressors create the force with which many things are made. Here are just four applications for air compressors in industrial and manufacturing settings.

Filling Tires

Tires are nothing without air. Air compressors fill tires for cars, trucks, heavy duty vehicles and even bicycles and motorcycles. When your industry either makes tires for these many modes of transportation or you assemble vehicles and add the tires at the end, you are probably using compressed air to fill the tires.


Spray-painting requires compressed air. In manufacturing, especially the manufacture of autos and other metal objects that require paint, air compressors help apply spray paint in a very even coat across all surfaces. The compressors also help reduce the amount of aerosols that escape and float through the air, which can cause other problems for factory workers and for the work at hand.


Power-washing, such as the kind that occurs after objects have been submerged in chemicals or treated in some other way, clears away potentially harmful or toxic residuals before employees touch these objects. Air compressors provide the power in the power-washing machines. They are also frequently used to power-wash cars in car washes and/or before the vehicles leave the factory so that the vehicles look their shiniest prior to shipment.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Nuts and bolts are at their most secure when they are at their tightest. To make these fasteners really tight in the factory, hydraulic torque wrenches utilize compressed air to force the nuts and bolts into the tightest position possible without turning them too far. The employees who use these torque wrenches have been trained on how to use the exact amount of pressure, torque and compressed air to get things tight but not too tight.


Compressed air can be used to provide lift and elevation to really heavy objects. For example, a backhoe under construction in the factory may be placed on a lift pad, which is then pumped up using compressed air. It is slowly elevated upwards so that the underside of the vehicle can be worked on, then slowly dropped down by stepping on a pedal to release the compressed air (or by pressing a button which releases the air like a blood pressure cuff). This is a particularly safe means of working underneath something so heavy.

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