How To Pick An Attachment When Renting A Crane

When you go to rent a crane, one of the questions that you will be asked is what attachment you need on the crane. The attachment is the mechanism that is used to lift, scoop or hold the item that is being lifted and/or moved by the crane. There are different types of attachments, also called grabs, that can be attached to a crane. Here are the factors you should consider when selecting an attachment to use on your rental crane. 

What Items You Are Lifting

One of the first factors you need to consider is what items you are lifting. Different types of grabs are designed to lift different items. A timber grab is designed to lift items such as timber and logs. A clam shell grab is designed to lift items like grain, fertilizer, sand, and light rock materials. An orange peel grab is specifically designed to lift metal items, like aluminum and steel. And a cargo grab has been designed to lift items that are already packed into a tight square or rectangular shape, like pallets or shipping containers. 

The Weight of the Items You Are Lifting

Once you have figured out what items you are lifting with your crane and which grab type may be ideal for you, you must figure out the approximate weight of the items you are lifting. Some grabs can only hold small weights of items, while others are stronger and more durable. If you select the wrong weight, you run the risk of the grab or attachment breaking and your items falling to the ground below. 

Where the Item Needs to Be Placed

The last factor you need to consider when picking a crane attachment is where the item needs to be placed. If you are placing an air conditioning unit, the boom that the attachment is placed on may be straight and narrow. But if you are placing something inside of a barge, you may need a curved boom for the attachment. The curved boom can reach inside of objects, making it perfect when you have items that are being placed inside of a barge, vessel, or building that does not yet have a roof. A straight boom attachment is needed when you are placing items on a flat, even surface. 

Selecting the right attachment is important. The right attachment helps to securely hold the item you are moving with the crane, while ensuring it does not fall or damage the item. Paying attention to these factors will help you select the right grab for your needs. If you still have questions, talk to the crane services rental company. They can help you select the attachment that is best for your needs. 

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