Four Reasons To Turn To An Electric Water Heater

If you are considering the replacement of your water heater, you have a couple of options, the main two being an electric water heater or a gas powered water heater. While there are advantages and disadvantages of both, it's considered to be a bit safer for your home to install an electric water heater. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Low Risk of Fire: With any gas appliance in the home, there is concern of fire if not handled properly. You wouldn't have to worry about this with an electric water heater because it's not mixing fire with gas, which can surely be dangerous. 
  2. Less Complex Maintenance: Gas water heaters have more parts, which leads to more complex maintenance needs and possibly more expensive repairs. Electric water heaters do not have this issue because they do not have as many parts and are more simply made. A basic inspection could lead to the discovery of little to no problems. However, even if there is a small repair needed, it's likely going to be basic and thus not as expensive as repairs for a gas water heater. 
  3. Takes Up Less Space: Since gas water heaters have more parts, they take up more space. This means less storage space in your home since basically an entire corner would have to be taken up to fit a gas water heater. An electric water heater takes up much less space not only because it's not made up with as many parts, but also because it doesn't require ventilation on all sides. 
  4. Less Risk of a Gas Leaks: Gas leaks are dangerous not only because it can lead to an explosion in the home, but also because, even a small gas leak can lead to fatalities because it depletes the amount of oxygen in the air. Aside from fatal affects, it can also lead to health problems, such as flu-like symptoms, headaches, and more. Gas leaks are not a worry to be had with an electric water heater, which can definitely give homeowners some peace of mind. 

These are four reasons why homeowners are turning to electric water heaters and why you might want to consider it yourself. Staying safe in your home is definitely a concern, especially if you have a family or even talk frequent vacations where issues with a gas water heater could go unnoticed for much too long, which could lead to fire. 

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