Packaging Supplies To Have Ready In Your New Warehouse

When you start selling a product you bring to market, you may hand-pack your orders at first when sales are slow. However, there will come a point where you'll need to automate the system in some way so you can pack orders quickly and get them out the door. The first step is to make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies well-stocked and ready to go. Here are some things you'll need so your products look professionally packed.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

You'll have to buy shipping boxes anyway, so you should consider buying custom boxes that are marked with your logo. The boxes can act as mobile advertisement as they move through the postal delivery service. You can even have custom boxes made that fit the product you sell so the boxes are just the right size. The cardboard can be treated as well so it resists fire and water. Using corrugated cardboard is something to consider too, either as the box material or as a liner inside. Corrugated cardboard adds protection for fragile items and helps keep the goods inside your box dry.

Bubble Wrap Or Pillows

Bubble wrap is one of the best ways to protect the items inside your boxes. You can buy wrap with small bubbles and wrap the items individually or you can place small air pillows inside the box to keep your items from sliding around and to offer a cushion of support. Bubble wrap is lightweight so it is easy to store, even when you need a lot of it. You can buy it on rolls for hanging in your warehouse where it will be handy. Alternatives to bubble wrap and air pillows include molded foam containers that are custom made to hold your product and protect it. These might be necessary if you're selling electronic equipment or other fragile items.

Packing Tape

One of the most important packing supplies is the tape. You certainly don't want your boxes coming open in transit due to weak tape. The tape you choose should be reinforced so it is strong and have adhesive that sticks well. It should also have a water repellent surface so it won't come loose in the rain. While you want tape that holds up well for surviving the delivery process, you also want tape that is easy for your staff to apply quickly. The right dispensers help a lot since they keep the tape from getting tangled and they provide a sharp cutting service that makes it easy to tear off a strip of tape.

Custom Labels

Even if you have your logo printed on the boxes, you'll probably still want custom labels that you can feed into a printer to make the labeling process go much quicker. Label quality is important since they must resist tears and repel water. The labels should also resist fading and be durable enough to survive in temperature extremes for short periods of time.

If your product has a unique design or if you have specific concerns, talk to a packaging manufacturer, like Canyon State Box and Container, about your custom needs. You can have just about any type of mailer created that you need whether it is a tube, box, or padded envelope.

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