Ornamental Iron Production And Residential Usage Ideas

Ornamental iron is a decorative metal that is used to design furnishings, fencing, light poles, and other features that are displayed and used either indoors or outdoors. Unlike wrought iron, ornamental iron is constructed of steel. Steel is an alloy that contains a blend of iron and carbon.

An Affordable Option

Wrought iron is often used to create custom pieces. The pure iron content of wrought iron provides the material with its sturdy and weatherproof properties. Wrought iron is typically heated up prior to manipulating the material. A wrought ironworker may use their hands to form bends in the metal. Ornamental iron is lighter in weight and less expensive than wrought iron.

The material isn't as strong as wrought iron, but it can still last for many years with the proper care. Ornamental iron is typically mass-produced. Machinery or a casting process is used to create ornamental pieces. A fencing manufacturer or another specialized manufacturer may produce large batches of the same products. Finished goods may be shipped directly to dealers or customers.

The Design And The Usage

Ornamental iron will add timeless beauty to your property or home. An ornamental piece may feature an unfinished surface that is a grayish hue. Some ornamental products are painted a distinct color or a series of colors. Consider the design elements and the usage plans for an ornamental piece. Machine and cast-made processes are often used to create entire fencing panels, individual pickets or balusters, handrails, wall decor, table bases, and door and window accent pieces.

An ornamental product may feature scrolls, tipped edges, rounded sections, and other designs that will give an ornamental piece a unique shape. Some products are designed with two purposes in mind. For instance, some sharp spikes that are designed to run along the top of an iron fence may not only add a fancy touch to an enclosure, it will also make it difficult for an intruder to scale the fencing.

A gated entryway that is constructed of ornamental iron may feature some designs and a locking device that will protect property. If you choose to purchase pieces to display indoors, consider the flooring or support materials that will be needed. Any heavy pieces that will rest on the floor should contain a relatively smooth surface that won't scratch a floor covering. If a large ornamental piece will be displayed on a wall, you will need sturdy hardware to anchor it. 

For more information about ornamental iron, contact a local service, such as MISSCO.

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