Wired Sensor Products That Will Provide Hands Free Gate Access

A wired driveway sensor is compatible with many gate and control panel models. This type of accessory allows hands-free use of a gate. Parents of young children, handicapped individuals, or the elderly may benefit by installing a driveway sensor.

Magnetic Technology

A wired sensor uses magnetic technology, to detect when a vehicle has passed by the sensor. Typically, two magnetic disks or bars will be part of a sensor kit. These pieces are attached directly to a wire that will need to be plugged in. A programmable feature that a sensor contains will integrate with a control panel that is used to manually access a gate. Wired products may be compatible with a specific gate system.

Some products may be labeled as universal accessories. This type of sensor can be connected to any type of commercial or residential gate. The sensitivity of the magnetic fields can be adjusted. If a property owner will be using bicycles, wheelchairs, and other small transport aids when they enter and exit their property, they will need to adjust the sensitivity level of their sensor equipment. This will ensure that the gate detects each type of transport aid that comes into contact with the magnetic fields.

Cable Selection And Installation

Wired sensor products may come with cords that are of various lengths. In order for a sensor to work properly, there should be plenty of clearance past where the magnetic field equipment is set up. The clearance will allow a gate to swing or slide fully open, prior to a vehicle approaching it. If a property owner has a long or winding driveway leading to their gate, they should purchase a sensor product that contains a relatively long cord.

A cord should be trenched, prior to being covered with dirt. A manufacturer will list the trench depth requirements. A trench will typically need to be shallow in depth. There should be several inches of dirt covering the cord. When preparing to install a new sensor, marking paint can be used to outline the property where a cord will be buried.

A shovel can be used to dig out a trench that will contain the cord. After the cord has been laid out inside of a trench, fresh earth can be used to cover the cord. A tamper can be used to flatten the fresh dirt. After the magnetic field equipment has been installed, a property owner should test out the new product.

For more information, contact a gate manufacturer such as Incom Inc.

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